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Weld Engineer

Job Number:  7724
Group:  Cosma International
Division:  Deco Automotive
Job Type:  Permanent/Regular

Rexdale, ON, CA



Group Description


Cosma provides a comprehensive range of body, chassis and engineering solutions to global customers. Through our robust product engineering, outstanding tooling capabilities and diverse process expertise, we continue to bring lightweight and innovative products to market.


Deco Automotive, located in Rexdale and Brampton, Ontario is an automotive parts manufacturing facility that produces structural automotive components for Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEM”) including BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Tesla, and Toyota/Lexus. Deco Automotives’ capabilities include; Stamping, Hydroforming, Laser, CNC Machining, E Coating, Steel and Aluminum Assembly. We are certified in ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001.



Role Summary

To supply direction and support to the Engineering, Maintenance and Production Departments in the welding related issues as it relates to capability and compliance with customer welding specifications.

Key Responsibilities

•    Perform analysis of customer supplied weld drawings and provide input and direction in the development of welding process to ensure compliance with all related specs and requirements
•    Give direction to both the Production and Maintenance Departments to ensure highest quality welds are being attained in current production
•    Evaluation weld destruct data collected by Quality Assurance and identity areas of concerns for improvement of processes to ensure robust and capable welds
•    Evaluate both existing and new programs in an effort to optimize welding in an effort to reduce cost while not affecting overall part quality
•    Provide training to production weld personnel in the proper methods of machine maintenance and parameter adjustment as it applies to welding and changes over of welding consumables such as tips, wire, gas, gas nozzles, etc. 
•    Work with welding vendors to ensure we are current with latest technology and to utilize best possible solution to all our welding requirements
•    Work with minimal supervision
•    Ensures that he/she is in full compliance with the laws of Ontario and/or any other location while representing Deco Automotive during the use of Deco provided equipment
•    Work within the guidelines of the Deco Associate Handbook
•    Team Player
•    TS16949 awareness and adherence
•    ISO14001 awareness and adherence
•    Lean Manufacturing and 5S concepts awareness and adherence
•    Commitment to continuous improvement and work place safety

Key Qualifications/Requirements

•    College Diploma or University Degree in Welding Technology and 5 years minimum hands-on related experience in metallurgical and welding knowledge
•    Automotive related experience preferred with direct experience in MIG, projection spot welding and all forms of fastener welding
•    Thorough understanding of customer related weld specs and application of those specs to ensure customer compliance and means by which to optimize welds while staying within customer guidelines
•    Capability of teardown and analysis of all types of welds with the ability to correct inadequate or unsatisfactory findings
•    All tools related to the evaluation of MIG, Projection and fastener welding applications including but not limited to vernier calipers, micrometers and cut-tech-polish equipment
•    Physically capable of performing essential duties of the job
•    Ability to set up and teach robotic welds using Fanuc, ABB, and Yaskawa robots
•    Knowledge equivalent to a Certified weld engineer per the American Weld Society including but not limited to:
              o Weld design
                       Structural fabrication requirements, sectional properties, stress gradients, stress triaxiality, weld symbols, hardness, microhardness, tensile properties, ductility, toughness, fillet break test, ductile fracture, brittle fracture, fatigue, and temperature and strain rate                                effect
              o Non Destructive Weld Examination (NDE) and Weld Discontinuities 
                       NDE processes, eddy current, NDE symbols, power source static and dynamic character, welding arc characteristics, electron emission, arc temperature and degree of ionization, magnetic arc blow, Lorentz force, shielding gas drag force weld penetration and                              with for different shielding gases
              o Welding Processes and Controls
                       Arc Welding Processes, resistance welding processes, high energy density welding processes, cutting processes, surface processing
              o Welding and Joining Metallurgy
                       Crystal structure of metals, melting , solidification, phase transformations and phase diagrams,  metallurgy and weldability of typical engineering materials, microstructure and mechanical properties, carbon equivalent, hydrogen assisted cracking, base metal                                  matching, solidification cracking, fluxmetal reactions, typical temperature range of a heat source, temperature distribution in a weldment, HAZ formation, multipass thermal experience, reheated weld metal properties, weld macro and micro graph interpretation,                              solidification profile and preferred grain orientation, origin of weld ripples, thermal treatments, solid state transformations and corrosion

Additional Information

Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

08--Engineering F--Permanent/Regular 

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